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We are committed to providing citizens with the tools and solutions to return citizen control of our elections.


70% of American voters do not trust that our elections are counted correctly, yet we are still forced to use something that the majority of citizens do not and never will trust.




Massive evidence exists that the elections have been able to be manipulated since their first introduction. This includes an admission by the programmer that wrote the prototype for the machines and included the ability to alter the results from the very beginning. This testimony was provided before Congress 20 years ago, but nothing has been done to give us back elections we can trust.

We have established a team of experts that are personally traveling all over the country to provide citizens with the knowledge of how our present voting system is extremely vulnerable and untrustworthy. We will also be demonstrating solutions that provide for efficient, cost-effective, transparent, and fully verifiable elections where every citizen can independently view every ballot and ensure that all ballots are counted as cast.

 We have been deceived for decades that Americans are too stupid or lazy to count our elections. We are told that hand counting is impossible, expensive, and slow.  This has been the narrative even though European countries have been successfully hand-counting their elections for decades after determining that electronic voting machines are untrustworthy. Counties such as Germany even declared that the same type of machines, we are forced to use in our elections do not live up to the constitutional principle of transparency of elections and outlawed their use.

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